Objectives and Aims of EUSTAS

This European Stevia Association for the promotion, investigation and development of Stevia, does not have profit making in their aims and objectives, which are:

1.- Promoting the products derived from the plant Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) among consumers, public authorities and public in general.

2.- Supporting the research, development and innovation (RDi) in universities and other centres of research, private or public, pursuing the best knowledge of the agronomic characteristic of the plant, its industrial processing, and its applications in the field of animal and human food, agriculture, other technical scientific applications, and above all, the effects of its consumption on human health. 

3.- Providing the authorities of the European Union the necessary information that can help to revoke the ban on the consumption of the plant Stevia and its sweet steviol glycosides in the European Union.

4.- To compile and to maintain all kinds of information on the chain of products of Stevia and making it available through electronic and conventional media.

5.- Defining quality criteria and methods of analysis for Stevia and the extracts as well as for formulated products.

6.- Defining criteria for the control and re-evaluation of the formulated products with Stevia when being necessary according to new conditions of use and new scientific information.

7.- Defining the criteria and protocols for the development of toxicological, epidemiological and metabolism studies.

8.- Defining the criteria and regulations of a European Stevia Quality Label and its derived products. 
The actions to reach these aims and objectives will be carried out independently of any political and/or religious point of view.
In order to carry out the objectives described above, the Association will be able to collect as many aids, subsidies, contributions or funds as necessary.