The 8th Stevia symposium took place in the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn, January 27-28, 2015. Over 60 participants from all over the world listened to 23 speakers giving a talk about different topics of Stevia. In two sessions location and provenience of Stevia was discussed followed by sessions about sensory aspects and taste improvements, biochemical responses in humans and genotypes and propagation of the plan. The symposium was closed with presentations about legal and marketing aspects. The program was rounded down by poster presentations.
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- Since Dec 2nd 2011, steviol glycosides have been approved as food additive within the EU.
The categories of foodstuffs for which the new sweetener will be permitted, along with the different maximum amounts, are listed in the regulation (EC) 1131/2011.
Those maximum amounts as well as the ADI value will be stated as steviol equivalents.
With the introduction of steviol glycosides as food additive on the market, the EUSTAS STEVIA LABEL is available.

Welcome to..

..the European Stevia Association (EUSTAS)

..a non-profit organisation. The main aims of this project are the promotion and coordination of all activities focussing on research and health in relation to Stevia rebaudiana and related compounds, to show that they are safe for the human consumption and to place a new application for Stevia rebaudiana as a sweetener against the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Commission.
The application for Stevia leaves as Novel Food was handed in to the SCF on July 2007.
Read the summary of this application. 

On September 26th 2007 we sent an application to EFSA for steviol glycosides as food additive. Read the summary of this application.

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Stevia rebaudiana BERTONI an incredibly sweet herb native to Paraguay. The sweeteners, steviosid and rebaudiosid A, extracted from the plants, are 300 times sweeter than sugar which are not metabolised and contain no calories.

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